Mercedes Benz Trucks photo shoot

February 22, 2011

I’ve just completed a photo shoot for Mercedes Benz Trucks at Westfield Transport, Truro – which as a self-confessed petrolhead was a great vehicle based brief to get our teeth into.

As a busy working environment, a trucking and transport depot has some great challenges. And to add to these, I turned up to find the yard shrouded in grey mist. The depot was rammed with a sea of trailers, pallets and forklift trucks as you’d expect – but I found this secluded driveway to the site to be just about perfect, offering some good floor-level angles for me, and enough space to set up lights. Fill in lights included a Elinchrom Ranger 1100W and a couple of Metz 45 CT4′s triggered by radio.

The owner gave me a full tour of the site, which allowed time for the weather to break for the better, the cloud started to break up, so I cracked on and shot a range of angles on the service road, after which we bundled all the gear into a V10 VW Touareg (which was a truck in it’s own right) to get the moving on-road shots. Although not a piercing blue sky day – this is Cornwall in February – I liked the moodiness of the sky in these moving shots. I’ve included 3 overall spoilers here for you to get the idea.

And just to mention, if you’re on Twitter and a Mercedes trucks fan, you’ll want to be following @MercedesTruckUK.