Food photoshoot for Fresh & Naked Salads in Devon

March 30, 2012

Here’s a brief overview of our recent food photography shoot in Devon for ‘Fresh & Naked’ Salads.

Working with the wonderful and effervescent Helen Tillott of Garfield House, we were able to create a wide breadth of shots on a full day’s photo shoot using Garfield House as our back drop in Devon. (Helen Tillott has also written for Gordon Ramsay.)

Fresh & Naked sell their fantastic range of salads through Tesco, and required some new images for their online recipe pages, each scenario needing to be set-up, lit and photographed before we could move on to the next dish. Helen did an great job of cooking, organising, and keeping everyone topped up with caffeine and lunch.

The Fresh and Naked team were particularly impressed with the number of set-ups we were able to capture over the day, remarking that on London photo shoots they’ve often struggled to create 4 or 5 different recipe shoots, whereas Helen and I blasted our way creatively through 9 different set-ups delivering a mouth-watering 240 images to the client on DVD and on their client web gallery area.