Photographing new Met Office supercomputer

December 09, 2012

This month I was commissioned to photograph what is in effect a series of large black boxes. Not fun? Well, when the boxes add up to millions of pounds and have a big part to play in shaping on our daily lives, it adds a certain wow factor. To give you a bit of background on the supercomputers the Met Office have installed, here ‘s a short quote…

DECC and Defra have jointly funded eight ‘supernodes’ of IBM Power775 supercomputer servers, and data archive storage for the extra hardware, comprising of 5760 media tapes, 33 Petabytes ofstorage, three servers and two tape frames (Source:

And to finish, I got a nice feedback quote from the Met Office…

“Have managed to take a look at the photos. They look GREAT! I think they’ve come out really well and I’m really pleased – many thanks again, always know we’ll get good results from you :0)” – Met Office

The shot below has been cut out and put on another backdrop, but the light is EXACTLY as I shot the image, using 4 flash heads to bounce light off the front and side of the boxes. What do you think?