Photography for The Lawyer magazine

April 09, 2013

This month I was commissioned by The Lawyer magazine to photograph Claire Turner, Director of Legal and Insurance Services at the University of Exeter. We set aside 45 minutes to photograph Claire in several different settings on the campus, which would guarantee the picture editors back at the magazine would get the options they wanted, in terms of different crops, backgrounds and styles. It was a real race around photo shoot as the weather was on the end of the wintry spell, but Claire coped with the cold admirably, and you can view the finished article which was published in The Lawyer magazine online, where you can see the final image they chose.

See if you can spot the snowflakes falling around Claire in the final image! No Photoshop used, this is exactly as the shot was taken, using a large black satin finished clad exterior office wall and single softbox.

We shot 3 different scenarios which you can see on the left, but I think they were right to select the first image here. Despite the snow that was falling, it has the most punch.