Review: BMW F800S

July 23, 2015

This is the first motorbike I've bought without properly viewing it. Madness I know. In fact it's breaking a golden rule of buying - always go and see it before you hand over your money. But having just ridden the same model in a local dealership, I then found this one with only 6,500 miles from new for a much better price, but in Scotland. Knickers. Bloomin' miles away. So, I gave them a call, and asked the dealer to email me a selection of good quality close up photosand walk me round the bike on the phone. Before I paid online, I negotiated the delivery costs be included in the sale. 

I felt more than a little apprehensive paying over the phone to a bike shop I'd never been too. My due diligence was a mix of Google searches on the dealership's ratings, Street Maps to make sure it really exisited, reading owner reviews of their servicing and after-sales skills. 

Update: Dec 2016
Over a year and a half on, I can honestly say it's been a great purchase for me. Sometimes a little snatchy in town, it wants to ride a little bit quicker than you feel you should in 30mph zones, but once out on the open road it's got wonderful balance of power, weight and agility, and never fails to impress me.