Quite a pretty little bike really. Such a simple alluring design.
Love the tail lamp, shaped to the new fashion of the 60s to resemble a space rocket with fins!
175cc 2 stroke engine looks like a small egg. Suspect it'll offer similar perfomance.
It's taken me a while to become familiar with the starting routine with these old switches. I flattened the battery twice leaving ignition 'on'.
Simple bar layout and controls.
BSA = Birmingham Small Arms Co.
Purchased this new 'pancake' air filter.
On a gradual learning curve - at present, I know this is an electronic 6 volt. Thing.
Uh-oh. Is that a hole in the gearbox casing I see? The previous owner neglected to point that one out...

Review: BSA Bantam 175 D7

November 05, 2015

What a funny little bike I've acquired. Leaking here there and everywhere, I've grown accustomed to placing small trays and jam jars underneath her to catch little pools of gearbox oil and premix fuel. On the positive side, I think she's extremely pretty. Light weight and nimble, the Bantam is a doddle to move around at standstill, and the seat and handlebars are both comfortably designed and placed. But she's currently a reluctant starter, which is what I'm working on. She's the oldest bike I've owned, so I do have a little grace for her.

The previous owner informed me that the bike had been a restoration project carried out by prisoners at Lincolnshire prison, proving that good things can come from surprising places.

But what he neglected to mention was a rather baffling hole in the offside engine casing, which I don't think is terribly troubling being a 2 stroke, but nevertheless I'll have to address the problem. I'm hoping the clever chaps over at http://www.bsabantamclub.com/ will be able to advise me.

My wish list is fairly basic, but may take some work! So far I've purchased a new inner for the perished original fuel tap, a shiny new pancake air filter, and an upgraded Amal fuel float bowl. 

 I'm looking forward to a full MOT, and a proper ride, perhaps up to Haytor in the spring.

15/12/15 UPDATE: Had a chat with Howard of http://bournemouthbantams.co.uk/ who's sending me a very fairly priced engine cover. Good chap.

26/11/16 UPDATE: Here's a fun video for you to watch, which makes me wince at 38 minutes in where my ailing Bantam spits out her head gasket with a loud PHUT! The Club fixed her at the roadside in 10 minutes, and we were off again! Amazing little bikes.