How to get professional staff portrait photographs

September 02, 2016

Here's a short overview of my work of employees, workforce, directors, chief executives.

If you’re looking for the very best UK photographer for producing professional staff company portraits, look no further. I’ve got a wealth of experience working with all types of staff across all types of employees – from chairman and board members through to production staff and operatives. I’ve got a wide breadth of staff photo experience, having worked with a range of UK companies photographing their staff. Both in a natural working setting, or in a more formal white-background portrait scenario.

Every company is different. But when it comes to photographing staff and employees, I’ve found certain values hold true for most, and are born out in the types of shots the majority of companies will require. For example, it’s true for most that they will want their company profile photography to look modern, business like (not like school portraits), fresh, and most of all natural. 

Here's a common scenario for staff photography, this could be you!

Company X has a wide number of random shots of their staff, from different locations, taken at different times, and would like to update their staff profile photographs in a quick, efficient way as possible. Here’s some common questions, with our answer indented (of course!):

  • How long will it take you to set up a mini studio at our premises?
    Approx half an hour to the first shot.

  • How long will it take to photograph each member of staff?
    > Varies, for safety allow 5-10 minutes for white backdrop, 30 minutes if on location. If all goes quickly, I can shoot 8-10 people in half an hour, but it does vary wildly depending on the individual. One person may take 2 minutes, and another might be 10 minutes.

  • How big a room do we need to shoot in?
    > A boardroom is ideal, but big tables can get in the way, no thoroughfares please. If a backdrop is required, allow minimum 10 feet square.

  • Is our room light enough?
    > I bring my own battery powered lights, and may well turn yours off. So no windows at all is actually fine too. I only need low light, and can work with no light.

  • Do you bring a portable backdrop and lights?
    > Yes. I can either use a plain wall in your premises, or use my own white backdrop, which can be either 4.5 feet or 9 feet depending on your needs. 

Companies and organisations who have used us consistently for photographing their staff and directors include the UK Met Office, solicitors and law firms, South West Water, Viridor, Kier Group to name a few.

I offer the very best service in terms of friendliness, putting people at ease, flexibility, and of course, value for money. As well as covering the South West of England I travel across the Midlands, London, Wales and the SE capturing professional staff portrait photographs. Do get in touch to discuss availability and rates.