Here she is on my drive, in a proper shade of 1970’s orange
Love that logo.
Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a seat. It is not. It is a rock solid plank.
Vintage! Speedo is hopeless. I’ll fit a digital one instead.
A rectangular headlight.
Side profile.
Mobymatic logo.
Emblem. Old school.
So lovely, makes you want to pop to the shops, any shops.

Arrival: Motobecane Mobymatic

December 08, 2017

It’s December, it’s cold, Christmas is creeping up on us - perfect timing for buying a vintage moped right? Right! I spotted my gorgeous Mobymatic on the ‘classic mopeds spares’ website (run by the infamous Moped Malc), and I’m not kidding, it was a magnetic attraction. The current owner turned out to have a hoard, I’m not kidding, almost a museum of small vintage mopeds and motorbikes - but bless him, he was so breathless on the phone that I couldn’t imagine how he’d pedal start the mopeds and move them about. He was slimming down his collection. Me buying his bike was helping him out, right?

So what do I know about Mobylettes, or Motobecanes? Two things. Firstly, this later engine has a reputation for being  a powerful little thing. And two, it was one of these bikes that I first fell in love with in France at the tender age of 14, when I was just desperate to get my hands on a powered vehicle. 

Once the Velosolex sold, Moby was able to take pride of place next to the Bantam in the studio. First impressions were of a lightly used bike, in good overall condition, with nothing missing, and just some cosmetic things to sort out. First off, the saddle foam has degraded to the point of offering the same support as a 2x4 plank. That's got to be sorted. 

And re-reading the original advert, it’s a 50V. I might ask Moped Malc for his opinion too.