Close up of Autel rugged case.
High res camera gimbal is removable

New 6K Autel Robotics EVO II takes over as DRONE of choice

August 21, 2020

Very pleased to share with you the arrival of a new drone capable of 6k video footage here at the Pestridge studio. The new for 2020 Autel Robotics EVO II is a technological marvel of a drone, combining a high-tech camera sensor delivering incredible video capabilties up to 6k, and most importantly - all round vision sensors that unlike DJI's are on and scanning for obstacles ALL THE TIME. And it’s bright orange, which is a lot better for having VLOS (visual line of sight) than a ‘same grey as the clouds’ Mavic.

Many drone pilots will be unaware that DJI’s Mavic Pro 2 actually TURNS OFF its side sensors in GPS mode, which seems like madness. For the record if you are filming and flying sideways, use tripod mode, to engage the Mavics side sensors.

Anyhow, I’m loving the features of the Autel, particularly its lack of geofencing - which can really muck things up if you’re on a time sensitive job and you’ve not had success with a DJI custom unlock.

For my work (often with construction firms) safety is always their top priority. Clients can be assured by Autels always on vision system, that will actually refuse to fly itself into an obstacle. The Mavic will warn you of obstacles but will still let you fly into them. The extra level of security offered by Autel is vital for me working professionally with drones.