Capturing the atmosphere of a working Abbey

Buckfast Abbey - on holy ground

Above: Buckfast Abbey's impressive covered restaurant
Above: Couple enjoying the grounds of the Abbey
Whilst working I was honoured to meet and talk with Benedictine Monk Father Christopher, who shared some wise words about being fully present in now
A very important photo for me on the day, as it was this 'hero' shot that would potentially feature as the lead image for Buckfast ad campaign
Close ups of flora/fauna to be printed large in the conference centre
From the monastic gift shop, Keep calm and...
Above: a huge range of lavender at Buckfast Abbey running into the hundreds
Above: Really great restaurant, well attended on both days

Buckfast Abbey has an incredible story to tell, and I'd urge you to make a pilgrimage there - if only to hear about and wonder at the dedication of the 4 monks who dedicated 30 years of their lives to rebuild the Abbey after it was rebuilt following the dissolution.

As well as Buckfast's own introduction, I'll include their welcome from the Buckfast website:

"For nearly a thousand years, people have been drawn here, too. They have come to search for God. For God who is everywhere, certainly, but as they happened upon this place, they sensed that its beauty, its silence and tranquillity, its community of people who were similarly searching, made it a place where God might easily be found."

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