Capturing the 17 day build of the Bristol Nightingale

Photos: Bristol Nightingale ready to fight COVID-19

Social distancing rules were being observed across the whole site. Aerial view showing the area being converted.
My drone view of the build team socially distanced, and applauding the work done to create the Nightingale, and those who will be working in it.
Social distancing means that it's time for the wide angle lens to shine! Build team delighted with completing on time. Camera: Canon M6 mkII, lens: 8mm f2.8
New signage added.
5 miles of vinyl welded joints were needed.
My aerial view at 400ft showing the extra marquees required for storage and changing facilities for NHS staff
A massive amount of extra pipework was required to serve the 300+ level 3 beds.
10,400 sq m of flooring was laid
How on earth was this done in 17 days!? Incredible teamwork from all those working on site.
7 miles of copper welded pipework...Camera: Canon 6D mkII Lens: Canon 16-40L
Aerial view of the site - note extra marquees, and the two large tanks installed to feed oxygen to the 300 beds.

What a privilege to have been working on site at the new Bristol Nightingale - and what an experience it was.

I cannot comprehend the extra hours of work involved and the monumental effort needed to turn an exhibition space into a hospital in 17 days. What a testimony the handover was to everyone who worked so hard to make the Bristol Nightingale a success. On site for only 2 days, I was tasked to record a set of photographs showing the build, record a series of video interviews of the build team members about their experiences on site, and finally record videos and photos from my licensed drone.

I'd imagine most people on site would have had concerns about how much risk they face working at this time of UK lockdown, mainly in terms of mixing with lots of other site workers, but the constructors had the whole site working to government social distance rules, and wherever possible, everyone I saw was following it as best they could.

The main thing that kept being mentioned as I was interviewing the staff was just how great it was to see (and hear) everyone pulling together, and the successful teamwork is self-evident in the fact that a project that would normally take a year in the planning alone was completed - start to finish, in 17 days. Incredible. Well done everyone.

I will be visiting the Swansea Nightingale this week to capture the works being undertaken there to transform Swansea Bay Studios into a hospital.

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