Photographing houses? Get the light right

Reservoir House. A gated home with views over to Plymouth Harbour.
Kitchen diner, a long open space, tricky to light, but essential as it's the heart of this home. 3 lights firing in this shot, main light camera left.
A lovely room with some stunning design touches. Lighting provided by large soft box camera right.
My favourite photo of the shoot, this is the house's entrance passageway. If your exposure/lighting is correct, sky will be blue and light exposed well inside.
At the moment of shutter release, my lights are triggered in the kitchen, flooding the area, but remaining balanced with the rest of the light in this shot.

I love photographing houses. 

Each trip to a new house is an adventure. Exploring round the house, tiptoeing up the stairs, round the garden. Appreciating layout, design, use of space. All of it. 

My service as photographer when a house either merits having professional photography taken, or owing to the houses layout or character, actually dictates a professional photographer visits, to overcome some of the challenges larger properties hide - challenges which generally boil down to getting the light just right. Or correctly exposed in photo speak. And getting your timing just right in terms of the weather. And, oh yes, watch out for mirrors!

So this is Reservoir House, a beautiful Georgian property in the heart of Plymouth. It certainly warranted the special treatment, and sounding like an estate agent, I'd like to draw your attention to the stunning view on stepping over the threshold - the conservatory / entrance passageway. It's certainly my favourite view of the photo shoot.

  • Mixture of Elinchrom 1100W lights, Genesis/Godox 400W strobes, Yongnuo speedlites
  • Canon full frame DSLR, 14mm f2.8 wide angle lens