Northgate House Hotel, Buckfast Abbey

Photographing a new hotel

The stunning rear view of the hotel's exterior, which is a surprise having walked into the front of the building below...
Rather incredibly, this is the SAME BUILDING! Extended part of the hotel, reception and lobby area.
The hotel's entrance, 1 light off camera, 1 light in lobby
Ideal as a spiritual retreat, especially with Father Christopher nearby to talk to.
Photos to depict dining room area in hotel.
Many of the rooms offer views across to the Abbey.
View across the hotel balcony to the Abbey.
Classy puddings at Northgate House Hotel
The Northgate has a range of beautiful rooms and apartments, many retain the original houses's period features.
The bar area was awaiting paintings on the walls, but I drew attention away by putting people at the hear of this shot. Spot the bottle of Otter.
2 lights, one large flat softbox off camera left, and one in the bathroom.
Breakfast in the light airy main eating area of the hotel.

I'm delighted to present these images created this week for Buckfast Abbey's new hotel - Northgate House. This was an existing building within the grounds of Buckfast Abbey, that has been extensively modernised and is now transformed into what you see today; an airy, light and welcoming space for those on a pilgrimage or conference at the Abbey, or just visiting Devon.