Drone view of Biogas harvest

Drone photography Devon farm

Setup Photographs

My challenges on this commission were two-fold. Firstly, weather. I nearly cancelled the job because the weather forecast was poor. Thick cloud covered the landscape, but as the morning drew on the clouds started breaking up. As you can see from the photos, this was a gift indeed, as without good light, the whole scene would appear very, very flat. But the sun breaking through gave the Mavic Pro 2 and it's attached Hasselblad camera something quite beautiful to work with. Secondly, the process was relatively fast. There was no hanging around for camera, the team were moving those farm machines as fast as they could. And I was shooting video at the same time too. Safety wise I was in clear airspace, and all involved were aware of the drone overhead, safe in their cabs.

Thoroughly enjoyed working with a design and marketing agency in Devon who have a client who is heavily into Biogas. What's the deal? Well he grows crops like maize which he then collects and processes to create Biogas which pipes straight into the gas network to supply heat to domestic homes. A great idea. And to encourage backers like Shell, he needs a good website and good photography of the process and his team at work.