Drone pilot video, DSLR stills

Flying drone for Honda UK

Setup Photographs

Honda UK Motorcycles contacted me through my website with an exiting commission this summer that involved enough powered two wheelers to make a man tremble. My mission was to join most of the marketing team and their usual videography team in Somerset to film a day of off-road motorcycle action using both my licensed insured drone, and my photography skills when I wasn't piloting the drone.

“I chose Tim as our drone pilot cameraman and stills photographer to work with our existing videography team for a day’s commission in Somerset making a video about Honda's off-road motorbike experience. He fitted in to our Honda team immediately, and was able to nail all the aerial shots, as well as getting us some great still photos too. Highly recommend Tim as a creative - especially as he rides and rates Hondas!” - Nick Bennett, Digital Content & Social Media Manager, Honda (UK)