Black And White Company Portraits

Setup Photographs

The rise of the ‘selfie‘ remains a favourite photo method for many users Facebook profile photo, but the need for good company portraits is certainly on the rise thanks to the popularity of LinkedIn and the increasing importance of a personal professional photo of team members on corporate websites.

It’s an area where good photography can make a real difference between people appearing startled, as if caught in oncoming headlights – as per many old school photographs, or alternatively showing their real character yet remaining composed and professional. And you’ll not be surprised how many people dread the experience of having their photo taken, gripped by the fear of a photo of themselves being plastered all over their company website.

I undertook a commission for a design agency in Exeter - a team of designers, app builders and marketing gurus – building themselves a new website to be launched in the New Year, and in need of a suite of head shot photographs they’d actually be proud of.

The plan was to capture a range of shots of each of their 8 members of staff (and their dog), with a good selection of photos for each person – some looking to camera, some looking off camera, but definitely no cheese.

As a creative company, they wanted to avoid the rather stiff head shots and self-importance that sometimes accompanies corporate portraits, and I think you’ll agree we certainly did that.

If you want to see some more examples, here’s a piece I wrote about creating head shots and company staff portraits. Any thoughts or comments do let me know. 

So, here’s some examples below of what we captured over the morning.

And to show you a bit of behind the scenes stuff, I’ll show the room we were in first, and then the shots second.