Photos for Exeter Cathedral

Behind the scenes - Cathedral photo shoot

Cathedral website: out with the old (left), in with the new for 2017

Pleased to report a successful 2.5 day photo shoot is complete for Exeter Cathedral, having been commissioned by AB Group to update the cathedral's photo library with a more 'close-up, behind-the-scenes' feel for an exciting new website launched today (8/11/17).  

My brief included photographing the Choir, Organ, Bells & Bell Tower, Tours, Cathedral Shop, Volunteers, Staff, Cafe, LEGO Build, Cathedral Treasures, Library & Archives, Stonemasons, Venues x 6, as well as a Sunday Service.

One of the highlights of the shoot was accompanying a tour of the cathedral, which rates very highly from visitor feeback on TripAdvisor. Also, if you ever get the chance to do a tour of the roof - seize it with both hands! It's an amazing experience looking down across Exeter from the very centre of the city.