New School Exeter

Photography for the New School bus ad campaign

Setup Photographs

Here's a phone snap of the ad planted on the back of a bus. Just to add I was stationary behind the bus when I took this!

The New School Exeter are, like many other private schools in the area, keen to let prospective parents know all about what makes them special – but as anyone who has ever tried to photograph within a school environment will now, it’s far from easy to simply click away and get the images that really capture the ethos of the school.

I’ve been working with Headmistress Michelle Taylor for several years, also with the design agency they employ, Reactor15.

They wanted to create a new bus back campaign for the Autumn period in Exeter, and asked me if I could help.

Reactor have done a really good job of laying out the adverts which you can read about on their website, and we were able to turn the whole project around in under a week.