The business of recycling

Viridor - Manchester & Sheffield

I've been working with South West Water, Pennon and Viridor this week, and had a great 2 day trip photographing and videoing a selection of recycling plants around Manchester and Sheffield. 

From my point of view, it's an eye opener to see the work involved at each plant, how they take in the waste either from commercial or public sources, then sort, clean, wash, and process the waste to an effective end product. It's a vital job.

As photographer, there are some hurdles to overcome. You have to retrain your brain and nose to see past the piled up plastic milk cartons, glass bottles and get on with seeing and composing shots that tell the wider story. The work these plants are doing with our waste is frankly amazing. Viridor in particular have invested heavily in new technology that organises 'flints' of broken brown green and clear glass so effectively that they're able to produce silos of sorted coloured flints which can then be recycled into other glass products.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I'm handing over the raw video footage rushes directly to the client for their use. I used Canon 5D mkIII, and a combination of Canon 24-105L lens, a 100mm macro lens, and a Sigma 14mm prime.