Cars that you don't own? It's the future

Co-Cars photo shoot

Setup Photographs

This was a really enjoyable photo shoot for me - partly due to their being cars present, and partly due to the creative freedom given by the client for me to chip in and suggest angles, ideas and different takes on how best to demonstrate the benefits of Co-Cars.

Working in conjunction with RH Partners and Devon County Council, I was commissioned by Co-Cars to create a new suite of images to work across a variety of media including web and print, over the ‘summer’ of 2013. I say summer, because 2 out of the 3 days we eventually worked were overcast and wet! Thankfully my lights make all the difference on a grey day, and also managed to shrug off the rain.

So what are Co-Cars? They’re a great idea, a pay-as-you-go car usage scheme that is attractive to both members of the public who don’t need a car all the time, but also for business’s. Both benefit from Co-Cars excellent pay per mile rates, and there’s a growing choice of vehicles too.

I’ve included a link to the new Co-Cars website for you to have a look at and read up on. Their number is 0845 456456 or email them. Good people with a good idea.

Client quote:

“Tim was fantastic, we had poor weather but he was professional, organized and creative, and came up with some great shots. His use of an external lighting rig was great, and he really helped people feel relaxed in his presence. By the time we did some shoots in the sun he had some great ideas and angles. We ended up with some really classy looking imagery at great value. Really recommend him.” Mark, Co-Cars