Rock Inn, Waterrow

Making great pub food look great

Free range Chicken breast wrapped in pancetta, with wild mushrooms, asparagus and Pomme Maxime
Exe River Mussels with cream and cider
Semifreedo (pudding)
The Rock Inn also has rooms for those looking for a stay in Somerset. Eat as much as you can, then go to bed.
Hake with olive oil, lemon, capers and spinach
Owners Ruth and Darren Barclay - highly experienced, and lovely to work with.

A good pub is a special and treasured thing - so I was intrigued to see if owners Daren and Ruth Barclay had got the ingredients right at their Somerset pub The Rock Inn. The location is quite stunning, sited only half an hour from Taunton nestled in a Somerset Valley only a stones throw from the river Tone.

Ruth asked me to come and photograph their main dishes from a sumptuous menu. I have included some of the photos here as examples, I think you'll agree that Darren certainly knows what he's doing in the cooking department, and I can vouch that the food I sneaked a bite out of does indeed taste as good as it looks.

I'll leave you with this feedback from the client:

"The reason we chose Tim to work with us was that we were looking for someone to bring our food to life and for the pictures to convey freshness, which they do. We are very pleased with Tim's work and recommend you to anyone who is looking for a photographer."