Kitchen showroom

Photographing luxury kitchens

Setup Photographs

A great day's photography, here's some of my iPhone snaps from the day.

I’ve been photographing some wonderful high end kitchens in a showroom this month, and drooling over the wonderful workmanship involved.

But working in a sales showroom meant there were more than a few constraints on our days photography. I was pleased to be working with two assistants and an art director from a local design and marketing agency, which helps speed up decision making on any shoot.

We created these 6 finished images without any post production or Photoshop. Probably the greatest challenge for me was controlling the light over the showroom lights which varied in colour temperature and strength, and how to best blur out the human element in each shot without losing the focus of each image – the kitchen. Glad to report that both the design agency and the client were really pleased.

Kit bag: Canon 5D mkIII, 50mm f1.4 / 100mm f2.8 L mkII, various flash lighting