Knee deep in the River Otter

Wading into an Otter Brewery photo shoot

Setup Photographs

Not only was I tight for time, but the clouds were rolling over, and Otter Brewery's loan waders were XXXL.

I have been working with Otter Brewery (through their Marketing Agency run by Lee Mayor) for a number of years, but not had such an intrepid assignment as this one. Lee and I have worked together for over 12 years, and his creative genius steering clients marketing has always been an inspiration to me.

Patrick McCaig asked if I'd be happy to wade into the Otter, as he wanted to capture something a little different, to create images for the launch of a new product for Otter called Tarka lager. I'll refer you to the Otter website for a description of the lager:

" with the whole Otter range is a completely natural product: just pure Devon spring water, different types of hops, a variety of spring sown barley malt and yeast."

Lee and I bundled into the works Land Rover outside the Otter Pub near Weston, drove across fields outside Honiton to find Patrick literally up to his elbows in the River Otter.