South West Water

Photography for South West Water Vision PR14 document

Setup Photographs

Here's some sample set up shots.

A case study of 5 day shoot with client including final images, then some ‘behind the scenes’ set-up shots for South West Water's Price Revue 2014 document.

I’ve had a great time photographing a big project for South West Water over 5 days during the end part of 2012, and although I’ve posted some shots on here already, the exciting news is that the document has now launched to the public, and you can have a look at it right here…

My brief was to create a new suite of high-quality photographs for the clients internal and external marketing use. As you will no doubt be aware, this is a common scenario for me, but what made this all the more fun was visiting the many and varied locations where SWW carry out their work, right across the south-west, stretching from Penzance up to Somerset. There were some great lighting challenges that would have made you laugh – particularly around the troubles of predicting good weather. We would book a day based on a forecast of beautiful bright sunshine, only to find that on top of Bodmin Moor we were shrouded in thick fog. Having said that, the regular staff working on Bodmin Moor knew all too well that a forecast of sun meant wind and rain on the moor.

For the record, all these images have had little or no post-production work, wherever possible I like to get the final look without editing in camera, on the actual day.

Here’s a testimonial from the client:

“We needed a photographer that could be relied on to capture a series of high quality images in a range of settings and conditions, including industrial workplaces where there was limited time available within which to shoot. Tim’s technical expertise and ability to quickly and effectively put people at ease ensured he got the results we were after. His professionalism, flexibility and eagerness to make the most of any situation make him a pleasure to work with.”