One day to create video, stills and edit

Lumea demonstrates replacement for wax candles in your home

The short answer to whether I'm able to realistically film and edit a finished commercial web video for a client in a day is - yes. This one was. The critical thing to get right is to not ram the filming session full of everything you've ever wanted in a corporate video. My client had very sensibly allowed the morning to capture video (and stills) of their products in several rooms but on one location. Then we broke for lunch, after which we sat down with the MacBook and edited the content into the video you can see above. 

So a bit about their product.

It's a simple solution for those of us who like candle light at home, but have perhaps had enough of messy wax and cleaning up spilt wax.

  • Video was shot on Canon DSLRs, edited on MacBook Pro.
  • Client was able to take away professional video AND still photos from the photo shoot, maximising their investment.
  • Client was able to launch a new Lumea website from the stills taken over the day.
  • Why not follow the Lumea YouTube channel.