Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market

Video and photography Dec 2019

Setup Photographs

It was great to attend the Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market to photograph and video the event in December. The Cathedral commissioned me to attend the market and tackle both photography and video for them, and provide them with a set of finished photographs and a video to summarise the event for marketing purposes. In terms of production, whilst working around the market I used one Canon camera (often connected via wifi on a 6.5m camera pole), and having found each scene I was asked to capture, I'd initially capture video, then switch to photo mode and grab some high res frames for them. Having worked their for the evening, I then returned to base to back up and download the footage, then set to the next morning selecting the favourite photos and uploading them. After that, I work through a similar process with the video footage, selecting, editing, and then after 2 rounds of amends, a final upload for client use.