Industrial photo shoot

West Country Cement

Today's shoot was a case of right place, right weather, right time. It doesn't always come together quite like this, but I found the location of West Country Cement at my first attempt, which isn't always the case. The forecast had a band of wet weather coming over Plymouth during the day, so I got on site in good time and got a quick drone flight in shortly after. If the weather looks good, my experience tells me to make the most of it!

Things got even better. I'd passed a Glendinning cement lorry on the way to the job who were my client today, and lo and behold, the lorry trundled onto site shortly after me. The driver was very happy to assist me, and spent his break being told to stand and turn this way and that by me, good chap.

Now I only got time with one lorry, as the next trucks due in were hours away. But the sun stayed until the end of the shoot. And as I bid the site manager farewell, the rain drops started tapping on the car roof, followed by a deluge of wet and grey as I drove away. So there we are. A case of when it all falls into place.

I used my Canon gear, and a DJI Phantom drone fitted with a GoPro camera, both fitted with polarising filters.